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CSI: Evidence

It is imperative that all evidence are gathered legally and be admissible in the criminal or civil proceeding as they must withstand the rigorous tests in the court of law.Even with a confession in court, improperly obtained evidence can derail a seemingly airtight case.

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CSI: Courtroom Testimonies

Investigators, professionals and expert witnesses are often inadequately prepared for the rigours of the courtroom. Compounding this problem is the unavailability of such training. Not many investigators have adequate experience to coach their subordinates with confidence, let alone conduct a training for others.

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New Language for Persuasive Writing

Most persuasive writing courses only teach the art of persuasion through logical motivation. What makes our New Language in Persuasive Writing workshop so unique is our ability to integrate logical motivation with powerful psychological tools available in NLP.

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Conversation Matters

Imagine what would happen if you have a good ability in creating positive outcomes from difficult conversations? You can make a huge difference to your organization, teams and key relationships. In confronting all those difficult issues, you rose above those who shy away from it.

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