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Conversation Matters

Imagine what would happen if you have a good ability in creating positive outcomes from difficult conversations? You can make a huge difference to your organization, teams and key relationships. In confronting all those difficult issues, you rose above those who shy away from it.

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CSI: Interrogation

Whether an interrogator can successfully secure a confession or not is dependent on his technique, strategy and experience.  While experience cannot be taught, technique and strategy can. Interrogation is a special skill that is better acquired through systematic and structured training.  And when combined with on-the-job application, it gives you a winning formula.

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Editing Essentials

If asked to edit someone else’s work, most people would probably just rewrite it in their own way. That is just rewriting, not editing. ¬†Transforming a document into an effective piece of communication requires solid editorial skills. ¬†This can be awfully challenging if you are not trained for such tasks.

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New Language for Persuasive Writing

Most persuasive writing courses only teach the art of persuasion through logical motivation. What makes our New Language in Persuasive Writing workshop so unique is our ability to integrate logical motivation with powerful psychological tools available in NLP.

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