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Deception Detection
Spotting the lie is often tough. ¬†Polygraph tests, also known as “lie detectors”, are typically based on detecting autonomic reactions and are considered unreliable. ¬†But machines and computer programs aren’t the only way of detecting lies. ¬†Scientists believe that people can be trained to recognize liars through behavioral cues.

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The Master Presenter

In today’s fast-paced society, information overload regularly causes decreased productivity, increased anxiety and frequent misunderstanding. The strength of your presentations means the difference between being heard and being understood. Now, more than ever, excellent presentation skills are an absolute necessity for professional and personal success.

Winning With Words

Many of us struggle with business writing because formal education did not prepare us well for the writing we produce in our professional lives.  Bad writing can damage our career prospects and mask our expertise and contributions.  Poorly written communications often lead to misunderstandings and damaged credibility.

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CSI: Report Wrting

A well-written investigation report reads like a storybook.  It discusses the nature of the allegations, explains the applicable standards, and gathers the relevant facts to guide the reader to same conclusion the investigators have arrived at.

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