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Editing Essentials

If asked to edit someone else’s work, most people would probably just rewrite it in their own way. That is just rewriting, not editing. ¬†Transforming a document into an effective piece of communication requires solid editorial skills. ¬†This can be awfully challenging if you are not trained for such tasks.

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New Language for Persuasive Writing

Most persuasive writing courses only teach the art of persuasion through logical motivation. What makes our New Language in Persuasive Writing workshop so unique is our ability to integrate logical motivation with powerful psychological tools available in NLP.

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Hypnotic Communication

One would never suspect hypnotic words of holding any power.They look simple and innocent. But when you apply them properly, they can dramatically improve your power to influence. You may not see how this works just yet, but you will, and then you will be amazed at what you can do with it.

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Fair Hearings

Some of the issues that may arise in a hearing include how to convene the hearing, who should be present, and at what part of the hearing, how may proof be presented, how may testimony be recorded, how to maintain order and decorum, how to deal with parties not represented by lawyers, whether the hearing should be adversarial or inquisitorial and what merits there are to either, how to deliver the decision in a fair and unobjectionable manner.

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